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Our Story

A Family Tradition

At Cousin's Italian Deli and Restaurant, we bring the authentic taste of Italy to downtown Wilmington. We pride ourselves in being a family-owned business and hope our guests feel that love and sense of community when they walk through our doors. We have been serving Wilmington for years, and our recipes have been passed down through generations of our family. 

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Our Roots

The DeLiberto Family

Joe DeLiberto's journey in the restaurant business is a testament to his passion and dedication. From the age of 12, he knew that the restaurant world was where he belonged, and he started by washing dishes after school, earning just $1.50 an hour. But this was just the beginning of a lifelong love affair with the culinary arts.

At the age of 23, Joe teamed up with his cousin to open an Italian deli in Paterson, New Jersey named "Cousins Gourmet Deli." In 2012, Joe and his wife, Debby brought their business to Downtown Wilmington, where it still stands today on 3rd Street.

During the day, Cousins operates as a traditional Italian deli, offering an extensive selection of sandwiches, each named after different parts of Sicily/Italy. This cuisine is deeply rooted in Joe and Debby's Italian heritage, reminiscent of the meals they enjoyed in Northern New Jersey while growing up.

On weekends, Cousins transforms into a family-style authentic Italian restaurant. The goal is to make every diner feel like they're stepping into a warm, welcoming Italian home, where the meal promises to be a memorable feast.

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